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Clinical Teaching Supervision

I have been offering supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists in training as well as qualified therapists for 18 years. I work in a relational non-shaming way, providing a supervisory environment that is safe to bring any aspects of your work as a therapist. I view my position as supervisor as being crucial to the support of trainee therapists, as well as therapists with more experience. I use the term ‘clinical teaching supervisor’ to define the way in which I work (especially with trainees), providing not just help in understanding what is happening within the therapeutic relationship, but offering a theoretical over-view, thus deepening the supervisee’s understanding of therapy in general, and their process in particular.

I work in an Integrative, Relationally-Centred way, and believe that good supervision provides an opportunity for growth; to this end I provide safe, supported challenge for my supervisees, encouraging them to look at and confront previously held assumptions and ways of being. I bring myself fully into the supervisory relationship by providing a safe space in which to explore any projections towards each other, and to more fully understand the parallel processes that emerge between us.

Each session includes time to process, look at techniques, deal with transference and counter-transference, deal with ethical or legal dilemmas, and explore cultural as well as spiritual issues.

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